Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Atomic disappointment

I was in Las Vegas in January and took the chance to visit the Atomic Testing Museum. It's ace.Small piece of trinitite, detail, showing side...Image via Wikipedia Especially the giant A-bomb in one of the galleries that I was allowed to touch and, gulp, arm.

I wanted to go to the museum because I was sure that it was there that Dag from Generation X got the trinitite that he spills all over Claire's floor. The one she freaks out about and thinks is plutonium. I wanted to buy some as I thought it would be a cool thing to own. It turns out my memory was playing me false as the museum has never sold trinitite. Just in case anyone doesn't know, trinitite is what the first nuclear blast at the Trinity site turned the desert sand into.

So, I looked it up and it, sure enough, Dag got the trinitite he spills from a ladies auxiliary store. Whatever that is, its not the Atomic Testing Museum so I remain trinititeless. Unless the internet can help...
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