Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Looking back

This is a great background for the period - the interwar years - that'll be the backdrop for the next story I'm going to write. Thank you internet, it's good to know you are on my side.

This is also useful as I need good sources to guide my thinking about how the story should play out. I'm reading a couple of books written by Bertrand Russell from this period and now I can see why they make so much mention of war and conflict. The whole period is a testing ground for the right way to live a life.


Mike Keyton said...

Interesting. I'd strongly recommend Alan Furst and Oliver Manning's Balkan Trilogy. For a taste of low brow contemporary pulp Peter Cheyney's the 'Dark' series of books that were amazingly popular at the time.

markb said...

Thanks for that, I'll give it a read, I've got lots of history queued up but not much fiction. Wasn't there a Ken and Em TV version of the Balkan Trilogy?