Friday, May 11, 2012

Title tale

Just about every single one of the paper titles at the Society for Cultural Anthropology meeting about Life and Death makes we want to be there. So many of them make me think wtf and get my brain whirring about what they could be about. It's like a future features list for a Sunday newspaper.

Some highlights
Shrimp Boats, Swing Sets and Voodoo Dolls: Cemeteries of Coastal Louisiana
The Giant of a King’s Second Body at Kim Jong-Il’s Funeral
From Monuments to Megapixles: Remembering the Dead in Modern America
Italy’s zombie-workers and the Contested Soul
Logics of Military Suicide
Animals as Instruments: Biomimetic Noses and the War on Terror 
Necropolitics, Exception, and the Production of Docile Patriots
How do Beets and Pantyhose Make Water (Un)Affordable?
Family Retrieved: Single Motherhood and Posthumous Sperm Donation in Israel

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